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GreenWave Enterprises is an online eco friendly solution providing you with zero waste alternatives to your daily plastic disposables. Our mission is to provide small businesses with eco friendly and zero waste products to guide their customers on their journey into a more conscious, eco-friendly, sustainable and zero-waste lifestyle.  Our products are plastic and package free.

We are your Canadian based company offering a wide variety of natural cleaning products, eco friendly products and home decor items as well as sustainable gifts for your environmentally conscious friends, and anything to make your home greener at wholesale prices. As we have been shopping the world to bring you different alternatives taking things as: high quality, variety, affordable price points and most importantly fair trade into consideration.  

When you shop with us you contribute to a better future for all of us and many generations to come.   We are the first wholesale distributor in Canada of earth friendly home decor Bohemian products made out of rattan, seagrass, bamboo and wood.


Rattan belongs to the palm family (Arecales or Palmea) and is found from sea level up to 3,000 m. Around 600 species and 13 genera of rattan are known. Although most rattan species are native to the tropical regions of Africa, Asia, and Australia, there is a large variety in their distribution.

home decor

Handpicked selection of original décor pieces. Our curated collection of décor and home goods is inspired by modern design and incorporated into boho, costal and other trendy and traditional pieces. Be inspired by all the possibilities.


This collection goes back to the basics of having fun where wood and imagination takes place of plastic and batteries. What you will find here is quality and style of mostly wooden toys that bring back the joy of simplicity.


We've got tons of great products.